Engage Successfully

Take the right decisions

Once all the necessary information is gathered, the next question immediately arises: how do I approach the new market operationally?
Some information is often difficult to decipher and there is an urgent need to create a strategy and operational plan for the country: What is the best solution for my business? Should I start with a student or a French sales representative? Which target groups should be addressed as a priority? Often these are decisions where you are pioneering from the start and moving in an unknown environment. This costs a lot of your time and energy and can potentially lead to wrong and expensive decisions before you have even started.

Approach the market in a constructive way

How about having experts at your side who can show you the way, guide and support your local teams and make your work easier?
Would you like operational support for your project to achieve sustainable results and shift up a gear to increase profits?

Powerful implementation

In addition to providing you with the necessary studies and figures or advising you on the way forward, our experts also offer you “operational” support in a wide range of areas – a concrete way of engaging with you in the success of this project.
We adapt your marketing and sales strategy to match the requirements and practices of this market. The adaptations of the global strategy lead to the integration of the French traditions and usages. We help you to develop this strategy. Of course, there are other possibilities in our catalog of services! To give you the best chances in the target market, our experts are specialized in intercultural communication and negotiations. We support you in the search for business partners and offer to accompany you to a business meeting. We prepare you to enter this market with confident determination!

Decide successfully

You want to approach one of our markets? You are in doubt and do not know in which direction to go? You have difficulties understanding cultural differences?

We listen to you in order to understand your situation and your ambitions. We provide you with analysis and customized answers so that you can make the right decisions. On the basis of mutual trust, let’s lay the foundations of your project together!

Develop your business

You are already present on one of our markets and want to take the next step? We support you in the long term and build the market with you.
In support of your operational teams, we facilitate the connection and understanding between the market and your headquarters. Thanks to our network of experts and skills, we offer you the appropriate resources to secure your development: marketing and sales management, legal experts, human resources, financial management, general management, coaches and trainers.