Get ready for new horizons!

We are international business consultants with partners all over Europe and around the world.
We help companies and SMEs to expand internationally.

Viaduc builds cross-border bridges and gateways and opens up opportunities in new markets. Meet our team and experience great expertise in different businesses and branches. 

We speak your language. Nous parlons votre langue. Wir sprechen Ihre Sprache. Wij spreken u taal. Hablamos su lengua. Mluvíme vaším jazykem

What brings us together –  intercultural values, a large network and a long experience on the following markets : France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. 

Active members of CBBC, Cross Border Business Consultants, our partners’ network extends to over 5 continents. 

We take the risk out of entering new markets !

Our 3 steps approach

ach company being unique, we consider that an individual and customized support is the key to success. Whether you are just starting to think about your internationalization strategy, or you are already present in your target market, we adapt our approach to your needs and offer you:

  • A preferred partner for your project
  • A tailor-made support
  • A broad experience in different fields and branches
  • Professional competence and sector knowledge
  • A highly motivated team that goes the extra mile

Take decisions

You would like to develop in one of our markets? You are unsure and don't know which direction to take? You have difficulties to understand cultural differences?

We listen to you in order to understand your situation and ambitions. We provide you with elements of analysis and tailor-made answers so that you can make the right decisions.
Let us set together the first milestones for your project on the basis of mutual trust!


Engage successfully

You intend to develop your company internationally? You need to choose a representation model but you are still hesitating about the business form? Do you need to approach prospects? Because cultures are different, Viaduc's experts will guide you and give you peace of mind. We are at your side to initiate your entry into the market with a complete support on all topics around your strategy.


Develop your business

You are already present in one of our markets and want to take the next step? We support you in the long term and build the market with you.
In cooperation with your operational teams, we facilitate the link and the understanding between the market and your HQ.
Thanks to our networks of experts and skills, we offer you the suitable resources to secure your development: marketing and sales management, legal experts, Human Resources, financial management, general management, coaches and trainers.

The pillars of our expertise

Strategic Marketing

Business Development

Legal,tax and administrative service

Operational Marketing

Training and coaching


Our team

Jean Liermann

“A constructive approach to success”

Bonjour! My name is Jean Liermann. Born and raised in Alsace, I grew up with Germanic culture. Naturally internationally oriented, I chose to get a degree in international business and then in marketing. However, I remain a specialist in Germanic cultures. As Managing Director and Director of Sales and Marketing, I see myself as a conductor who brings together all the international and French instruments and voices in music and harmony, so that they play well together and without problems. My mission is to do everything to build you and your company to succeed in the French market.

Understanding, explaining, creating concepts, structuring, building, networking, opening doors and bringing people together are my tasks… and are part of my DNA.

Tom Hermann

“As a German-speaking Belgian, I am a link between cultures.”

My passion to see things with curiosity, to approach things unconventionally and to carry people along with enthusiasm and energy to make something a success has shaped me since I was a child.

Today, this helps me in accompanying and supporting people in small and large companies. For me, it’s not finished until it works. Majestix, a Frenchman, felt deeply offended in his honour: after all, Caesar had awarded the Belgians the rank of the bravest of all Gallic tribes. As a Belgian with Germanic roots, I can live very well with this awareness in the midst of my French colleagues …

Marketa Famy

“I am a bridge builder!”

Hello ! My name is Marketa Famy, I’m from Germany and I’ve been working and living in Paris, my adopted home, for over 20 years. International marketing has always been my hobbyhorse and I know from experience that launching a product or brand in the neighboring country can be a challenge. Even if the cultures are very close, there are fundamental differences in marketing and communication!

Identifying specific market requirements and target groups, analyzing buying behavior, and adapting the product portfolio and communication if necessary – this is part of my job.

With the right tactics, I prepare you and your company for France and build bridges for your success!